Select the right taxidermist and avoid disappointment

There is nothing funny about poor-quality taxidermy. Have you ever seen a deer with bulging eyes, smiling lips, and a plugged-up nose? How about a duck with rough-looking feathers, shriveled feet, and grease oozing from the belly, or a fish that looks like it was painted with a spray can?

These inaccuracies are an insult to both the animal and the sportsman. Disappointing outcomes are what you may encounter as the result of not knowing how to select the right taxidermist. Most outdoorsmen make their selection based on price. They typically call several taxidermists and ask, “How much do you charge?” Many sportsmen don’t know what questions to ask, making them vulnerable to those who don’t really care about their customers’ needs.


What questions should you ask? Here are some questions that will help you qualify your taxidermist:
•  How long can I expect my trophy to last?
•  What are some of my options?
•  What do you do on a regular basis to update your skills?

Other things to consider: Is the studio clean and neat? Did the taxidermist act professional? Does he/she sound like someone you can trust? Don’t be taken in by a cheap price. A low price is achieved by taking shortcuts and cutting corners. Do you really want someone using poor-quality materials and undesirable techniques to mount your once-in-a-lifetime trophy?

How would it feel to show your trophy to your friends and have them laugh and make comments about how unrealistic it looks? I’m certain you’re not having your trophy mounted to give your friends a good laugh.

To avoid these problems, here are things you should know before selecting a taxidermist. Select a taxidermist who takes the time to thoroughly explain your options and answer all of your questions. There are many options available, some that you may not have known were possible. Don’t let a taxidermist mislead you into receiving something you don’t want; one size doesn’t fit all. A good taxidermist will go out of his/her way to capture that perfect pose or find the “just-right” habitat that you had in mind. Look for a taxidermist with artistic ability who will be able to create a unique, one-of-a-kind mount. Select a taxidermist who offers a realistic price, not the cheapest. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true in the world of taxidermy.

Here is what we do in our studio. We take the time to explain your options and answer all of your questions. We want you to be comfortable and confident that you have made the right decision. Our artistic ability to custom create a unique mount is what sets us apart from other taxidermists. Our rates may be slightly higher than our competition. However, to offer our services at a lower price would mean we would have to cut corners. Using poor-quality materials is something that we do not believe in. We want to give your trophy the attention that it deserves.

Backwoods Taxidermy is a reputable, full-service taxidermy studio catering to quality-conscious sportsmen. Our clients are looking for a finely crafted, eye-catching mount that will last a lifetime. Unlike other taxidermists, we add a touch of uniqueness to every piece. The result is a mount that will give you a great sense of pride and satisfaction. I encourage you to stop by our studio and view our work for yourself.

Trent Meyer